Cycle parking should be standard!

We think any new building needs to have secure, sheltered cycle parking as standard. And providing parking for cycling should be a key element of sustainable design.


It should be more like this!

But sadly the new proposed ‘sustainable construction checklist‘ mentions cycling in only the vaguest terms.

We’ll be checking the proposed new ‘London Cycle Design Standards’ (see here and this pdf) and asking the council what they’re going to put in … The London Plan includes specific standards for cycle parking (see this article) and we’d like to see these included in our standards.

Please get in touch with us or your councillors if you want any new build in the borough to have proper parking!

Rides for Explorers – Surrey Woodlands to Polseden Lacy

Sunday 4th October

Meet at Twickenham Riverside 10.00. We head out across Bushy Park and through Thames Ditton to Littleworth Common and Ardbrook Common to reach Cobham. Crossing the Mole we follow lanes to Bookham Common and up to to NT cafe outside of Polsden Lacy. On the way home we add Oxshott Common and Claygate woods.

37 miles mostly away from the traffic.


Of the seven people who had signed up four of us met on the Riverside and one more joined at Polesden Lacy. (The remaining 2 cycled to Polesden Lacy but didn’t identify our group). It was sunny all day and the scenery was marvellous.  With a dry surface in the commons and well-matched riders we made good time and were back in Twickenham by 3pm.


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Ranelagh Drive – Isleworth Prom crossover.


Ranelagh Drive crossoverThere is a marked cycle route providing a quiet way from Richmond to Isleworth and on via  Sion Park to Brentford. In order to get from Ranelagh Drive to the shared use Isleworth Prom you need to cross the footway. A dropped kerb has been provided but this is unmarked and is usually obstructed by parked vehicles. At a similar location in LB Hounslow the crossover is marked by bollards in the road encouraging motorists to leave a gap here.

2015-07-16 13.11.00I have asked Richmond’s  new Cycling Officer about the possibility and she is sympathetic but needs evidence of public demand. Anyone disabled would count double ! Does anyone have experiences here that can be used for persuasion ?

Rides for Explorers – Surrey 50

Sunday 16th August

Half the distance of the Surrey 100 – and probably under half the pace – it is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty so might as well look at it. As we can’t get the roads closed for us we will aim for quieter alternatives where possible.  It is quite hilly.


Five of us met in Bushy Park fountain car park 10.00. Use back roads to Brooklands for coffee then put up with some main road to Byfleet before turning off for Pyrford and quiet lanes before the North Downs. (If you think that Box Hill is a climb!)  After an interesting descent Lunch at the Compasses Inn at Gomshall . (Ho Hum another Surrey Pub has headed up-market ; but the pricey food is good )

2015-08-16 13.43.15The main road into Dorking isn’t too trafficky and we soon get to Box Hill from where we take my favourite switchback descent to Kingston and so home.

2015-08-16 15.17.35Decent weather ,  great scenery and good company made an enjoyable ride.

Note to Councillors following CLG

There was some confusion at the most recent CLG from one of the councillors as to why filling in pot holes was not enough to satisfy those who wished to use their bicycles as a mode of transport.  We sent this letter to help raise the understanding of how bikes can change communities.

Dear Councillor Head

I promised following the recent CLG that I would send you some information that may help you to frame the provision of infrastructure for those on bicycles.
This video really summarises what campaigners across the city and borough are talking about.
It took Holland 40 years to get to this point and I would imagine it would take a similar length of time in the UK.  The UK is probably at about year 4-5 on that journey, Richmond is at about year 1.

Also this Guardian article is very useful to explain some of the history and progress that has been made with infrastructure for cycling over the years
The key is to provide safe routes to cycle so that those from 8 – 80 can use their bikes as a mode of transport.   Rome wasn’t built in a day of course but things are happening on this island.  Look at this image of embankment of a new cycle track, if it wasn’t for the clock tower in the background , one could be forgiven for thinking that it was an image from Copenhagen.
Embedded image permalink
And this is in Camden Town, believe it or not.  Safe space for cycling.  I would let my kids cycle here.  I can’t think of any road in Richmond where I would let them cycle, which I think is a shame.
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I hope this is useful, I don’t expect all to agree but I feel if you have managed to set aside time to review the above that you will now understand why so many people in the borough are passionate about having safe Space for Cycling.
Sent by RCC on behalf of those who want to use their bike as a mode of transport in Richmond

Ride for Explorers – Burnham Beeches – Sunday 1st November


Meet Twickenham Station before 10.05 to catch the 10.15 to Staines.(arr 10.30) We cycle through Staines Moor then via Colnbrook , through Langley Park and past Black Park to quiet Fulmer and finally the woodlands of Burnham Beeches in their autumnal splendour. After lunch in a woodland cafe  we head down to the Jubilee River path which takes us to Datchet and so back to Staines. About 30 miles mostly tarmac with some smooth gravel paths. Quite scenic / hilly.


Please get in contact if you are interested in coming – the cafe is not roofed so I will cancel if it is going to be wet.  email Paul

Good Practice and Bad

crane park 001The Cyclists Please Dismount signs that have just appeared are, at least, polite but the London Cycling Design Guide frowns on Cyclists Dismount signs.

In this location it isn’t even desirable behaviour -  a cyclist walking with a bike would fully block the route for some time. A sensible cyclist would ride up to the turn, stop ,wait for any walkers under the bridge, and when clear ride through quickly. There is already a pedestrian priority sign but maybe “Cyclists stop and look out for walkers” would be more explicit.

A pity that unimaginative planers see “Cyclists Dismount” as the solution to all problems – strange that you never see “Drivers push your vehicles”.

On the Good side Hounslow have finally joined the Heath Path to the Hanworth Road

2015-07-16 13.11.00The use of bollards to mark the dropped kerb and keep it free from parking is something that Richmond could adapt in Ranelagh  Rd where the access to Isleworth Prom is usually parked over.

Ride for Everyone – Bushy Park – Walton

Saturday 26th September

Meet Bushy Park Fountain car park 10.30.


Walton Bridge has shared paths for cyclists and pedestrians. Photo by Get Surrey

Walton Bridge has shared paths for cyclists and pedestrians. Photo by Get Surrey

We cross Hampton Court Bridge and head west along NCR4 beside the Thames. At Walton bridge we stop for coffee , cross and return along reasonably quiet roads on the north side.

Eight of us enjoyed sunny weather for this ride with an unscheduled view of the Royal Barge. The cafe at the bridge is not yet open (dispute between county and local councils ) but the temporary replacement served hot coffee. More traffic than is comfortable on the lower Sunbury Rd.








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