RCC Newsletter – 10 November 2010

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John Griffiths, coordinator of the Hammersmith group, has sent us the
following message and asks people to fill in a survey about cycling over
Hammersmith bridge.  You can see an RCC review of Hammersmith bridge here…
Link to the Hammersmith & Fulham survey is at the end of the message.



In his recent message to us about the LIP Chris Bainbridge of LBHF commented
on Hammersmith Bridge. We were asking for a 20mph speed limit on it to be
included in the Local Implementation Plan

Chris pointed out that improvements had been made to the bridge approaches
where there had been a record of casualties. He added

“Hammersmith Bridge has one of the largest concentrations of cyclists  in
the borough. Our survey of 2008 showed that in the morning peak hour, about
a third of the total northbound traffic was cyclists. This is a very high
modal share for cycling which suggests to me that there is a critical mass
of cyclists using the bridge which minimises intimidation of cyclists by
motor vehicles. If you have evidence to the contrary, that the current
arrangements on the bridge deter cycling, we can look at it again but this
would mean prioritising the bridge at the expense of tackling barriers to
cycling in other parts of the borough, which I do not think is justified at


Please fill in this survey as soon as possible, and by this coming Friday if

We have arranged a meeting with Cllr Nick Botterill for following Monday. He
is the deputy Leader of the Council and the Cabinet Member for the
Environment. Hopefully we will be able to take evidence from this survey to
that meeting.

So please fill in this survey, whether you are finding no problem with the
bridge at all or if you walk or cycle on the footway to avoid the

Click on the link below, or if that does not work Copy and Paste the  link
into your browser.



john griffiths
020 7371 1290 / 07789 095 748
No More Lethal Lorries
The LCC are running a major campaign to reduce the number of cyclist
fatalities due to conflict with large vehicles.  They have set up a
and ask people to sign their petition.  Richmond Council are one of the 29
London boroughs who do not train their drivers. RCC suggested that they do
this last year when Lambeth started their driver training.  Our views…
Annual Meeting
This went well and there was an interesting discussion about how the group
currently campaigns and how it should campaign.  We agreed that our next
monthly meeting would discuss this topic, building on our previous work
which can be seen here…
http://tinyurl.com/18r – Previous policy and strategy meeting
http://tinyurl.com/36kmh9w – Our manifesto for the 2010 elections
Come along on Monday 13th December, 20:00-21:30 to discuss what we should
campaign about and how we should go about doing it for the coming year.

Rides and Maintenance Workshops
All our November and December events are on our calendar.  Our rides for the
New Year have also been posted…
Next workshop is Thursday 11th in Mortlake, followed by Wednesday 24th in
Twickenham.  Look out for more workshops and maintenance classes in the New

Cycling Liaison Group Meeting
The next meeting is on November 29th, 19:00-21:00
Let us know if you have any issues you would like raised with the council.
Email our campaigns coordinator – campaign@richmondlcc.co.uk

Thanks for reading and keep cycling,

Jonathan Rowland
Borough Coordinator
Richmond Cycling Campaign

web – http://www.richmondlcc.co.uk