Cycling Liaison Group priorities November 2010

At the most recent meeting of the Cycling Liaison Group CLG 29th November not only was the Draft Cycling Capital Budget 2010-2011 circulated but also the Draft CLG Scheme Priority List.  With 56 priorities under 8 headings this is a long list.  32 priorities, 57% of the total, relate to a variety of obstacles to 6 specified cycle journeys in, and across, the Borough including Richmond town centre as an implicit hub.  The remaining 24 priorities refer to other locations and more general issues.  I suggest in my Review of CLG Draft Scheme Priority List 14122010 RCC agree a shorter list :

  • As the first step in writing an action plan for an agreed list of priorities to campaign on;
  • Test the continuing relevance of the revised list, and their associated level of priority, through consultation with RCC contacts;
  • Identify gaps in the draft list as a result of the consultation;
  • Facilitate the consultation by presenting the draft list in a structured format.

The suggested Draft RCC Priority List Action Plan 14122010 is based on the 6 specified cycle journeys and questions arising include:

  • Should we concentrate on specific routes or on general route problems?
  • Are these the routes RCC should campaign on?
  • If they are, what should be their order of priority?
  • Are the obstacles to the journeys correctly identified?
  • If they are, what is their order of priority?
  • Are there are other routes RCC should campaign on?
  • What are the obstacles to those routes?

Priority doesn’t mean nothing else is done, it means that when everything can’t be done at the same time, because of time or money, then the agreed priority is what gets done.  Why something is a priority is a whole discussion in itself and I suggest in the review we consider the level of risk of harm to the cyclist, the number of cyclists affected by the problem and probably, when we get down to the detail of doing something, how much an agreed solution costs.  Remember the proposed budget for 2011-12 includes “Cycle Tracks Act and improvements to surfacing of the Thames Towpath” [£50,000], “Completion of the Borough’s cycle network” [£90,000] and other route specific works.

That’s all folks.