RCC Manifesto 2010

Given all the work associated with the RCC Manifesto for the General Election in May I think it’s a good place to start writing an action plan for the coming year, in fact why not the next 3 years?  But why should RCC have an action plan?  As I said in my previous post, about local authority spending on cycling, there’s a lot of stuff planned we should be involved in so we need to plan our time and effort.  We also need to establish our priorities, particularly in relation to cycle journeys, in order to influence the programming of work and ensure accountability for timescales and deadlines.  I’ll talk about priorities in more detail in my next post about the Cycling Liaison Group [CLG] Scheme Priority List but in the meantime knowing what we want to achieve over the next 12, 24 and 36 months will allow us to judge if it got done and if not, why not.

To begin with I’ve taken the Manifesto’s 10 points and sketched out a series based on an aspiration, a strategic aim,  2 strategic and what turns out to be 16 operational objectives.  These are grouped under the headings:

  • Increase capability of cyclist
  • Identify and minimise risk of harm to cyclists posed by other road users
  • Identify and minimise risk of harm to cyclists posed by the existing road network and planned changes to it
  • Increase capacity of infrastructure to support cyclists

It’s a work in progress but have a look and see what you think:  Manifesto Action Plan v1 13122010 At this stage there are no priorities with all objectives of equal importance.  As we move through the action planning process we will need to think about importance and I’ll talk about priorities in my next post.