Free Cycle Training in Mortlake

If you are a resident in Mortlake or Sheen, you can get some FREE road safety cycle training courtesy of Mortlake Community Association.

Cycle training is a great thing to do – you’ll be more confident riding your bike as you’ll learn how to deal with traffic situations in a way that keeps you safe.

Get in touch with Darren Thornton at the Mortlake Community Association:

020 8487 5500 or or use the contact form on this web site.

If you don’t live in the Mortlake or Sheen area but would still like to get some training, the council offers cycle training for £15 per session for those who live or work in the borough.  Find out more here.

If you aren’t able to take up any training, remember these basic tips:

See, be seen and communicate:

See – look around, that means behind and ahead.  Turning left?  Look behind.  Turning right?  Look behind?  Moving out to get round an obstacle?  Look behind.

Be seen – ride at least a metre (3ft) from the kerb.  Riding this far out means you can be seen by other road users.  Always try and put yourself in a position on the road where you can be seen, whether you are setting off, coming to a stop or manoeuvring to turn.

Communicate – let other road users know what you are doing.  Looking behind is one way to do this, as is making eye contact.  Good, clear signals is another way.  When stationary  at a junction, turning your wheel in the direction you want to go is another.

And finally, don’t undertake large vehicles.  This includes buses, lorries, skip lorries, vans etc.  You can’t be seen, you can’t see and the driver won’t know you’re there.  Wait behind at a good distance, far enough back so that you can see the vehicle’s mirrors.