‘Lighten Up’ Campaign

After much anticipation, our secret campaign went into full swing on Thursday night at Teddington Lock. Building on the success of a similar campaign by Kingston Cycling Campaign, our ‘Lighten Up’ campaign aims to engage with lightless cyclists by stopping them and offering to fit their bikes with lights for free. As well as wanting to make cycling safer for the individuals we help, we also want to raise awareness on the importance of having lights when cycling in the dark.

A band of four RCC volunteers pitched themselves up at Teddington Lock footbridge and it was heartening to see that the vast majority of cyclists had lights. Over the course of the evening we fitted 15 sets of lights to bikes where the lights were broken, they didn’t have any, or they were of a poor quality and not visible (e.g. the infamous green front led lights).

We have two more of these events planned at different locations across the Borough this month. We don’t announce the location or time before hand (you can probably work out why!) but if you’d like to help out, contact us at info@richmondlcc.co.uk and help do your bit to improve everyone’s safety on the Borough’s roads. RCC urges everyone with a bike to make sure that they have bright lights for riding at night.  The law also requires any bicycle ridden at night to have a red rear reflector and reflectors on the pedals.


The lights were supplied at a reduced price by The Bike Light Shop (www.thebikelightshop.co.uk), a local online business based in Barnes. As part of the campaign, they’ve kindly provided a discount code for all our followers to get 12.5% off any lights ordered through their site – Use the code EC776032 at check out. You can even benefit from their unique same day delivered by bike service.

Finally, if you really need convincing that cycling like a ninja really isn’t wise, check out this humorous video (warning, Y-Front Content!):

Strategies for Getting Around Without Bike Lights (or Pants) from BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION ALLIANCE on Vimeo.