LCC AGM and Bow roundabout

Apologies if you were at the London Cycling Campaign Annual General Meeting last night and know all this.

The motion endorsing Go Dutch was passed with a majority.

Click here to read the welcome letter from the LCC Chief Executive concentrating on the imminent campaign and here to see the 10 Go Dutch Key Principles printed on the wallet-sized foldout given out at the meeting.

One of the words used by the Chief Executive to describe the campaign was “transformative“, which I take to mean “things will be very different afterwards”.  His letter refers to “3 flagship Go Dutch developments on major streets and/or locations” and during the refeshment break members were invited to comment on displays relating to:

  • Bow roundabout;
  • The Embankment;
  • Tottenham Court Road.

It wasn’t clear whether these are the “3 flagship developments” envisaged.

Bow roundabout was subject of an emergency motion that was passed overwhelmingly: click here to read it and here for the LCC Press Release.  While Bow is a long way from our Borough these very tragic events brings it close because

  • the first cyclist was a local man whose wife is working very hard and very publicly to stop it happening to someone else;
  • our members went on Saturday’s ride;
  • we all cycle, and
  • we’ve had our own argument with TfL about London Road roundabout.

Richmond Cycling Campaign is writing to London Assembly member Tony ARBOUR asking him to press TfL for immediate remedial work at Bow roundabout and you can to:

Here’s the reply from Caroline Pidegeon, Chair of the Transport Committee, London Assembly, to another members e-mail:

“I know that I speak for all Assembly Members when I say that I too am appalled by the tragic deaths of cyclists on London’s roads and am doing all I can to urge the Mayor to improve safety as well as hold him to account over his decisions. To this end, cycle safety in London has been discussed as a priority at several Meetings of the Assembly over the past fortnight.

At the Assembly Plenary on Wednesday 9th November, Assembly Members had the opportunity to question the Mayor in his capacity as Chair of Transport for London. I asked him outright if TfL’s roads are safe for cyclists, and indeed whether he takes cycle safety seriously. You can read the transcript of the meeting here

At Mayor’s Questions yesterday (16th November), I urgently raised this matter once more. As a result, the Mayor has confirmed that TfL are undertaking a review of all of the roundabouts where serious injuries and fatalities have taken place so see what can be done to improve safety. Furthermore, he has agreed to meet with the family of one of the cyclists who was killed at Bow Roundabout. A webcast of Mayor’s Questions can be found on the GLA Website, my question starts about 10 minutes in.

A written transcript, including responses to written questions tabled by Members, will be made available online next week

Please rest assured that I will continue to press the Mayor on this issue in order to hold him to account over his decisions which will impact on safety for cyclists. I am also keen to continue working alongside the London Cycling Campaign and other cycling groups to raise awareness and campaign for safer roads.

Click here for the flyer about the Bow Vigil this Friday evening.

With a Cycle Superhighway coming close to us, on the north side of Kew and Hammersmith Bridges, you may be interested to read here what Cyclists in the City say about one in our neighbouring London Borough of Wandsworth.

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