Will the sea change at City Hall be reflected at Town Hall?

The borough’s Cycling Liaison Group meets on April 24th, and it’s the first meeting since the Mayor’s visionary new cycling plan was launched.

Richmond Cycling Campaign is taking the opportunity to ask for a series of things which we think can improve cycling in the borough in both the short term and the long term. We think all of these should be discussed at the CLG, so we’ve written to the council to  ask them to include them all on the meeting.

1. To ask the council to audit every one-way street in the borough, to establish which ones can be made contraflow for cycling.

2. To ask the council to audit all pedestrian-only routes to establish which can share cycle facilities.

3. To ask the council to prepare an analysis of all cycle routes and cycle facilities in the borough, to establish whether routes are complete to bikeability stage 2 standard.

4. To ask the council to provide funds to support Sustrans’ Bike It in a school.

5. To ask the council to map council-provided cycle parking in the borough.

6. Start exempting cyclists from TROs, wherever possible. (Explained here – this is a bit of a geeky one for design and planning nerds!)

7. Commission a study to see if any of the school walking buses want to try a cycling bus.

A Dutch 'cycling bus' (From @fastcompany - original source unknown.)

A Dutch 'cycling bus' (From @fastcompany - original source unknown.)

8. To ask the council to collaborate with RCC to apply for TfL grant (or others) to buy cargo and family bikes to show parents and families how easy it is to get around by bike. The council would be able to lend these out on a hire basis, to let people experience what it’s like using one of these.

9. To initiate a project to look at how we become a mini Holland (as per the mayor’s recent cycling vision).

10. To initiate a review of all transport planning so that it complies with the new vision for cycling (http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/cycling/15459.aspx#).

2 thoughts on “Will the sea change at City Hall be reflected at Town Hall?

  1. you might also look at the section in the ‘vision’ on ‘cycle to school partnerships’…

  2. point 9 should be the first and main issue. other boroughs already working on their applications. instead of points 1, 2, 3 and 5 (which will take money, energy and time for the council to complete) why not come up with specific examples where things can be improve. with minimum investment the council can improve cycling conditions very quickly. we, the cyclists in Richmond have the knowledge of where, how important and useful these changes are needed. why not encourage the council to be more of a “doer” rather then prepare more reports which cost money and time and don’t help more people to cycle.

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