RCC Newsletter – 17 May 2013

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Another month and yet more to report on cycling across the borough. We’ve a ride tomorrow to Richmond Park, perfect for families, and a consultation from TfL (which runs out today so be quick!). More on our tool to record all the niggles from your cycle routes and good news on Chalkers Corner. Enjoy and please do share with your cycling friends – anyone can sign up for this newsletter, you don’t need to be a member of LCC.

As mentioned last month, we have started working with a new online campaigning tool called Cyclescape. Now, with the upcoming consultation for Richmond’s Local Implementation Plan for transport and the renewed enthusiasm of council officers to consult with cyclists, we have a real opportunity to use it to influence decision makers with a structured body of evidence cataloguing the issues and constraints that need to be addressed if we are to truly “Get Richmond cycling”.

So we’re now ready to roll it out to everyone in the borough to record the good, the bad and the downright ugly issues they encounter while out cycling. We’ve already used it to good effect in our work with the council recently and they were very receptive. Find out more about how to get involved – http://is.gd/H2Ko84

Here are some examples of issues that have already been raised:
London Scottish Entrance – http://is.gd/RoRH8T
A316 Cycle Lane – http://is.gd/O0xrdb

The Get Britain Cycling Petition
Since we sent out an email three weeks ago telling everyone about the petition, nearly 60,000 have signed it. The government has made a preliminary response, but as British Cycling say, we really need to continue to push to get this to the 100,000 signatures that is needed for parliament to consider a debate on the subject – http://is.gd/hXT81M

So please, ask your friends and family, those that care about your safety when you’re cycling or those who would like to cycle but are too scared, to sign the petition – http://is.gd/XRYhtS

This article in the Times is worth sharing with those who don’t cycle on why they should consider signing the petition – http://is.gd/lzslDl

And you can read here how we’re trying to make this local by raising awareness with our local politicians – http://is.gd/SojI3P

No new consultations affecting cycling this month on the council’s consultation page (http://is.gd/JnijLg).

TfL have a consultation to close off the junction of Cole Park Road where it joins the A316 (map link – http://goo.gl/maps/QWFym). We support this proposal as it removes a rat run that cuts across an important cycle path along the A316. Deadline to respond via their online form is today, Friday 17 May http://is.gd/FW5LLz. There is some discussion on the proposals online – http://is.gd/chFisX

You can look for consultations on the TfL page – http://is.gd/B52rsy

Cycling Liaison Group Meeting
We attended the meeting on Wednesday 24 April. The meeting has become more about information sharing from the council, without much actual scrutiny since the AOB part of the meeting has been removed. Though, as we now have better communication directly with the council officers that may not necessarily be a bad thing. There was a useful update on bike theft from the police and we heard about plans by the council to rewrite their transport plan (the Local Implementation Plan – see here for the last version http://is.gd/JLTpHA). There appears to be a desire by the council to get hold of some of TfL’s big new pool of cash for cycling as part of the ‘Mini-Hollands’ proposed by the Mayor – it will be very interesting to see the route they take to ask for this. While it is good that the communication channels have opened, we will wait to see real evidence that the council is committed to the changes that will be needed across the borough to make cycling something that everyone can do safely.

London Cycling Campaign’s Safer Lorries Campaign
We continue to work with both the council and LCC to get to the bottom of what the real situation is. Read our post which includes our correspondence with the council – http://is.gd/5ladRn

London Cycling Campaign’s Policy Forum Seminar Series
These seminars continue and they’re a great way to find out about campaigning at the London level. They open to anyone to attend – find out about the upcoming events and how to register at this site – http://is.gd/j1UyzQ

20mph Limits
We’ve previously spoken about the importance of 20mph limits (http://is.gd/BddcqT) and how the council’s own data shows their benefit (http://is.gd/LRsWzP) This month the council introduced a method of applying to introduce a 20mph limit online though the wording on the site seems geared towards putting people off even applying (http://is.gd/CK2yNU). The council continues to make it extremely difficult to introduce 20mph limits in residential areas. A local referendum with a 51% vote in favour is required and ‘no response’ is counted as a vote against. Interesting how this approach hasn’t been applied to the recent referendum on Heathrow. Compared to many local authorities across the country, it is sad that this low cost way to reclaim our residential streets is being ignored (Have a look at this site to see just how many local authorities have adopted or plan to adopt 20mph limits – http://is.gd/Ag5akA)

Station Cycle Parking
We’ve been receiving a lot of emails recently relating to cycle parking at railway stations in the borough and so it seemed a good time to update the audit we carried out in 2010 (http://is.gd/HedGfQ) So we’re asking for your help – if you can carry out an audit at your local station (using the check sheet we’ll provide) get in touch via info@richmondlcc.co.uk

We are also asking for specific help at Kew Garden’s and Hampton stations. Find out more in this post – http://is.gd/5d0kFY

Chalkers Corner
Thanks to the council, TfL have reopened their file on Chalkers Corner, having previously put it in the ‘too difficult to do’ box and we’re meeting with them on site next week. We really want to take them the feedback from you, the people who use the junction. Either send us an email (info@richmondlcc.co.uk) or join the discussion on the thread we’ve created on Cyclescape – http://is.gd/6AxVau

Maintenance Workshops
Our work shops continue to be popular as summer (!) approaches. Everyone and all bike types are welcome and no appointment is necessary. Come and learn a few tips and tricks to use at home. It’s all free but donations as always welcome to cover our costs – http://is.gd/oKpKQW:

Mortlake – The Old Bakery – 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month 19:00-21:00
Location – http://wp.me/pSDFw-4X
Next dates are 23 May and 13 June

Twickenham – All Hallows Church, – 4th Wednesday of the month 19:00-21:00
Location – http://wp.me/pSDFw-4U
Next date is 22 May

Ham – Ham Youth Centre – every other Saturday 10:00-12:00
Location – http://wp.me/pSDFw-14t
Next dates are 25 May and 8 June

There was a great turn out of 18 riders for our trip to Windsor earlier this month – http://is.gd/Ki97QN

This Saturday, 18 May, we have a ‘Ride for Everyone’ to Richmond Park to visit the Isabella Plantation. With a coffee stop along the way, a nice ride for family and friends.
Meet at Strawberry Hill station at 10.15am.
Details online – http://is.gd/AHdjbd

The next ‘Ride for Explorers’ on 2 June will be heading into the Surrey Hills to follow the route of the Olympic Road Race (though at a more sedate pace with a stop for lunch and time to enjoy the scenery!)
Meet at Bushy Park Fountain car park at 10.00am.
Details online – http://is.gd/9zd4gM

If you’d like to come along on one of the rides, please send Paul, our Rides Coordinator, an email at rides@richmondlcc.co.uk so we know to look out for you.

More details on our Rides Information page – http://is.gd/IxqE3S. All of the routes that Paul has crafted for the monthly rides can be found online – have a look, there are now over 95 routes uploaded – http://is.gd/A7nvTz

Monthly Meeting
There was a lot to discuss at Monday’s meeting and the minutes are now online. Next month’s meeting is on Monday 10 June. Location details – http://is.gd/eahg52

Better by Bike
Friends visiting and you’d like to show them the borough by bike? We’ve put together a page listing where you can hire bikes in the borough – http://is.gd/kCrygU and Paul our Ride’s Coordinator has pulled together a Top 5 must try rides to see the best the borough has to offer http://is.gd/Mmj5qG

And Finally…
Thought provoking article on our attitude to road crimes – http://is.gd/xNXfL6

Thanks for reading and keep cycling. Feel free to pass this email on to anyone who may benefit and don’t hesitate to get in touch through info@richmondlcc.co.uk to help make the borough a nicer and safer place to live and cycle. You can see our list of cycling events in the borough on our online calendar: http://www.richmondlcc.co.uk/category/events and if you’ve missed any of our newsletters, they are all online – http://www.richmondlcc.co.uk/category/newsletters

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