March Newsletter

Did we say we were about to hear about the Mini-Holland bid? That’s due on 10th March, and it’ll be followed by the Cycling Liaison Group meeting, where you can come and hear what the council’s planning to do if we’re successful in the bid, but also what they’re going to do if we haven’t been successful.

Monthly Meeting

Our monthly meeting is at the usual venue – the Old Ship in Richmond – at 8pm on 17th March (Details here: Note we’re a week later than usual, because of the Cycling Liaison Group Meeting.

Consultation Watch

It’s a bit of a bumper month. but we’d really like you to reply to the two 20mph consultations on Whitton/Heathfield (here and Kew.(here

Please take the opportunity to tell the council what a difference 20mph will make to our areas. You’ve got until 28 March on these two. (And you can see here – – that the council already has its own data that 20mph is better!)

The ‘Kew Village Plan’ is also up for review. There’s a document link at the bottom of the consultation, on this page: Their big idea is to remove the bus lane on Kew Road off-peak, in order to deal with congestion. We don’t think the bus lane causes congestion off-peak, so it would disadvantage those already brave enough to cycle down there. Please take the opportunity to tell the council they could really do more to encourage cycling in the area!

Also, Whitton Supplementary Planning Review – This fails to talk about making things more pleasant for either cycling or walking, so we’d urge you to point out just how much space there is here for cycling, and how any new developments need cycling provision included.

Finally – 20mph in Hampton Hill High Street Please support this one as well, and the council might finally get the message. (Well, you could always say “Please make it easier to cycle!” around Hampton Square – )


One (maybe two!) rides this month:

On the 22nd March, a Ride for Everyone: Hampton Court and the Thames from Teddington Station leaving 10.20.

And, if someone can step in to help, we’d like to run an April 6th Ride for Explorers. Our ride leader’s in recuperation, so not able to lead this one – please get in touch – if you can help!

Maintenance Workshops

These are all in the calendar:

Mortlake – 13th & 27th March, at the Old Bakery from 7pm.

Twickenham – 26th March, at All Hallows Church from 7pm.

Ham – 8th and 22nd March, Ham Youth Centre from 10am.

Cycling Liaison Group

This has now been moved to 11th March, so that the CLG will be able to discuss the outcome of the borough’s Mini Holland bid. Details are here – – although it’s a sad reflection of the commitment to cycling that the CLG has once again not met for nearly five months. Come and join us to find out how the council will spend new money from the mayor, and maybe have a cycling budget of its own!

Police Liaison Groups

Around the borough, the police hold regular ‘Liaison Groups’, where you can tell them what you’d like to prioritise. We’ve noticed that a few of these have focussed quite a bit on issues like cycling on the pavement or other minor cycling misdemeanours. Unless you’re a child, we don’t think you should be cycling on the pavement any more than the Police do, but we understand why some people choose to do so, especially when faced with hostile environments like the South Circular. The guidance from the Government is that Police should not issue blanket tickets for cycling on the pavement, so we’ll be checking on this at the CLG …

If you’re thinking of going to your local Liaison Group to represent the interests of people who want to cycle, let us know, and we can share some tips!


Another funding round that came through a few weeks ago was a separate pot of cash that Transport for London distributed. Whilst some boroughs requested (and received) hundreds of thousands of pounds, Richmond asked for a grand total of £5,000 (see We think this is symptomatic of the borough’s failure to consider cycling, but it also gives the lie to our Cycling Champion’s claim that she’s been working hard to secure central Government funding for cycling in Richmond

Give Zac a Call

Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith is doing a survey to better understand how we feel about cycling, so please hop along to tell him what you think here – And you can tell Lib Dem candidate Robin Meltzer about cycling here –

And Finally …

Still, cycling featured in Top Gear this week, and the AA is printing a million stickers to remind drivers to give space to cyclists – And Kevin, from ‘Can’t Stand up for Falling Down’ found a great video from 1984 showing London’s cycling ambition then:

Meanwhile, we’ll be on our bikes, enjoying the sunshine in Richmond Park this weekend, and waiting for the cull to finish, to do the magical circuit at night. You did know you could take your bike into the park at night, didn’t you?