Ranelagh Drive – Isleworth Prom crossover.


Ranelagh Drive crossoverThere is a marked cycle route providing a quiet way from Richmond to Isleworth and on via  Sion Park to Brentford. In order to get from Ranelagh Drive to the shared use Isleworth Prom you need to cross the footway. A dropped kerb has been provided but this is unmarked and is usually obstructed by parked vehicles. At a similar location in LB Hounslow the crossover is marked by bollards in the road encouraging motorists to leave a gap here.

2015-07-16 13.11.00I have asked Richmond’s  new Cycling Officer about the possibility and she is sympathetic but needs evidence of public demand. Anyone disabled would count double ! Does anyone have experiences here that can be used for persuasion ?

3 thoughts on “Ranelagh Drive – Isleworth Prom crossover.

  1. I ride that route regularly on my way to meet a group of cyclists in Ealing and the dropped kerb is very easy to miss, especially heading towards Richmond, where you get caught on the pavement for ages, unless you get off your bike and rejoin the road (the kerb is far too high to bump down on a decent pair of wheels).

  2. I use this route and agree with Mick that the dropped curb is very easily missed, even when it’s not blocked by parked cars. Bollards would improve visibility to cyclists and motorists alike, and also help indicate to pedestrians that cyclists can cross onto the footpath at this point.

  3. I also use this route from time to time but didn’t realise the dropped curb was there!! I’ve always had to dismount and lift my bike up onto the pavement. It needs to be better signed and as suggested kept clear of parked cars.

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