Hampton Hill Uplift – £1.8m paving slabs.


After a rather vague public consultation LBRUT have come up with a not very cunning plan. The public were concerned about traffic and the condition of the footway but the council gone for the easy part and put in lots of granite paving slabs.

On the plus side there will be a 20mph limit , parking bays will be inset ( so cyclists don’t feel obliged to go in and out around parked vehicles and access to the park will (somehow) be made easier. There will be a toucan crossing but with no links to anywhere. Cycle parking is a detail to be added where there is room.

I have put together a response – Response to Hampton Hill Uplift

I am happy to amend this in the light of your comments but need to send it in later this week.

Also feel free to put in individual responses.


2 thoughts on “Hampton Hill Uplift – £1.8m paving slabs.

  1. Being a resident of Twickenham and not fully conversant of the Hampton Hill plan, there are a couple of issues that you might like to consider in light of the so called improvements to Twickenham.
    TFL insist on extra wide pavements at bus stops which means that cyclists cannot pass by. (Heath Rd outside M&S)
    The 20mph speed limit is not enforced over here so although the road is much narrower in Hampton Hill, do not expect that to act as a deterrent.

    Good luck
    Hester Huttenbach

  2. Think through everyone’s needs – mothers with babies in buggies, mobility scooter and wheelchair users, cargo trikes – wheels for wellbeing, buses, commuters to trains. Proposals feel cosmetic, not properly thought about

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