Priory Lane – Jason Wells finds a new friend. (UPDATED)

Update: Roehampton Safer Neighbourhood Team have called us, and they’ve also spoken to Roadsafe, who are now apparently handling the investigation. We’ll let you know when we hear something. 

So 18 months after Jason Wells launched a foul-mouthed tirade against people cycling down Priory Lane, and threatened them with his vehicle, another driver thinks that it’s appropriate to break the law on Well Lane because of his self-important (and incorrect) views of how people should be cycling.

This time it’s Andrew Cudd, who posted this Facebook video, showing him driving down Priory Lane, clearly holding a phone, and recording his comments and his driving.

Honking your horn, and too close.

This week has seen major national newspapers have looked at mobile use in cars, and the potential danger involved. We’re asking the Roehampton Safer Neighbourhoods Team to investigate this video, and others have asked Roadsafe to do the same.

Not only is Mr Cudd wrong in a number of his assertions, but what appear to be a number of close passes, and his clear admission to be using his mobile phone while driving should surely result in some police attention. We want the roads in our area to be safe for everyone, however they’re getting around, and whatever they choose to wear – no-one should be exposed to danger or poor road behaviour like this.

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  1. As a resident of Sheen for 24 years, I do have to ask why the cyclists didn’t use the cycle lane that is next to them? Surely cyclists must appreciate how frustrating it is to held up by slower moving road users – or is the point that all too many cyclists just don’t care about other road users?
    There does seem to be a massive aura of self entitlement around some cyclists (and websites…).
    Whenever I cycle locally, I’m always careful be respectful to all other road users – and when I use Priory Lane there is no way I’d use the road instead of the cycle lane. I want to be safe and separated from the traffic.
    Why on earth would anyone not use the cycle lane?

  2. @RogerAC – Are you serious? the ‘cycle’ lane on priory lane is not wide enough, and has a terrible surface to ride on, and its also not continuous, so you have to weave in and out of the road anyway. That path is very unsafe. Why is it car drivers are entitled to the only bit of smooth paving and space?

  3. I visit Richmond regularly and find the cyclists to be aggressive, sanctimonious, ignorant and rarely follow the rules. Red traffic lights apply to cyclists too. Perhaps they need their colour vision tested. AND, I visit the area as a pedestrian – so don’t even think about calling me out as a car driver…

  4. I agree with the above that priory lane has a perfectly good cycle lane that they could use.
    The road is small enough as it is and having bloody cyclists using it is just a pain in the ass

    Get off the road when there is a cycle lane provided for you.

    I respect this guy 110% as he’s speaking the truth london is turning into a horrible place because of cyclists and there behaviour

  5. Mr Cudd’s driving is typically poor for the area and partially explains why 12 or more dear in Richmond Park are killed every year by inattentive drivers.

    Any chance of our constabulary taking this in hand? Anti-social driving is ruining London, too many people driving while using their handheld phones, speeding, running red lights, parking illegally etc.

  6. I’ve ridden down Priory Lane loads of times and the cycle lane is a joke. I would use it if it was half decent. Here’s what’s wrong with it:

    -It’s on one side of the road so unless you’re going from the park to the North and then turning left you have to cross the oncoming traffic to join it going south or move to the outside lane from it going north in order to turn right. Which means you have to inconvenience the Cudd’s of this world and pray they don’t mow you down in their Tonka truck.

    -The cycling provision is alongside the pedestrian area with no divide which means that children and animals may wander into the path of cyclists without warning and a cyclist going even a few miles an hour would be unable to prevent an accident.

    -the two-way cycle space is incredibly narrow and unsafe for two bicycles to pass each other safely at even low speed.

    -There are a few roads joining Priory Lane which interrupt the pavement and cycle path with poor visibility of vehicles approaching.

    But all this is irrelevant because we don’t HAVE to give our reasons for not using the damn thing. Cyclists are just as entitled to be in the road as the Cudds of this world.

    It doesn’t matter now anyway. The law is clear. If you don’t leave cyclists the requisite 1.5m when you pass them you can be be prosecuted. If the cyclist you pass doesn’t have a camera then the chances are the one behind them does. Do yourself a favour and just be patient and only pass when there’s enough room to do so.

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  8. It’s telling that the people wondering why cyclists aren’t using the cycle lane are drivers or (occasionally) pedestrians. Try riding on the cycle path yourselves, then all will probably become clear. Also, talk of sliding down the traffic. Really? What’s the speed limit. They’re delaying you how long? Mere seconds which you’ll then lose sat at the traffic light anyway. In short: RESERVE YOUR CRITICISMS UNTIL YOU’VE TRYING RIDING THE ROUTE YOURSELVES. Posted by a driver, cyclist & former motorcyclist.

  9. I do not agree with the actions of the driver in question. And I also disagree with the cyclists not using the designated cycle lanes put there for the safety of everyone.

    Cyclists have the right to use the road and should use it in a safe manor wearing helmets and correct safety clothes unlike one of the cyclists in this video. If people want to use the road cars and bikes should abide by the laws and both parties should be prosecuted if found not sticking to the laws.
    The only cyclist in that video that was following the correct laws was the chap in a high-Vis jacket. For reference below is the how a cyclist should be on the road.

  10. The fact is cyclists are legally allowed to use this road, regardless of the cycle lane.

    The motorist in this clip is breaking the law on a number a counts.

    Motorist is at fault. Cyclist is not at fault.

    Hopefully the guy will get an appropriate punishment.

    If I ran a business I’d be very careful to avoid attracting such unwanted attention.

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