We need to talk about Chalkers’ Corner!

It’s a massive barrier for cycling in the borough, and indeed for almost everyone else. If only for the sake of the Mortlake Brewery devleopment, Chalkers’ Corner needs fixing.

Our proposal includes a number of significant changes:

  • Cycling continues directly across from the Richmond side towards Chiswick Bridge
  • All modes get long greens
  • Make the exit from the A3006 (Mortlake) much easier, with a single light sequence
  • Better pedestrian crossings on all arms

To achieve this, members have helped put together this model – it’s got a lot on …

Chalkers Corner proposal

The numbers show the light sequences, the red lines show cycling movements, and the dashed lines show pedestraisn movements.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Walking, cycling and driving heading east or west only (straight ahead)  on the A316. This includes crossing the A205 and A3006
  2. The A205 heading north goes ahead, left and right. The A316 from Chiswick Bridge turns left to the A205 and A3006
  3. The A316 from Richmond turns right into the A205 and A3006. Cycling and walking cross the eastern side of the A316.
  4. The A3006 (from Mortlake) goes ahead, left and right.
  5. The A205 from Kew goes ahead and left. Cycling and walking cross the western side of the A316.

This design needs us to reallocate space throughout the junction, but provides clear routes for everyone, and makes it safer: It eliminates left and right hook conflicts, but will rquire a proiperly enforced yellow box.

What do you think? Our borough coordinator has uploaded the slides here.

6 thoughts on “We need to talk about Chalkers’ Corner!

  1. Is that a 2-way cycle track on the N side of the A316 ? The existing continuous (almost) track is on the S side. TfL’s fault for not planning the whole system.
    The cycle link A316(W) to A3003 would seem crucial to me.

  2. That layout seems to exclude left turns from A316(W) into A205(N) and the reverse, right turns from A205(N) into A316(W). However that is the route of bus R68.

    A change that would help cyclists avoid this junction altogether would be to introduce contra-flow cycling along Kingsway, thus connecting Clifford Ave to Lower Richmond Rd. in both directions. Going Eastwards I often go Tangier Rd > Clifford Ave > Shalstone Rd > Kingsway > Lower Richmond Rd. A contraflow along the Western end of Kingsway would cut out the diversion via Shalstone Rd, and one along the Eastern end of Kingsway would be a useful short cut rather than going Lower Richmond Rd > Chalkers Cnr > Clifford Ave > Tangier Rd.

  3. You need a comma after If “If, only for the sake…. “. That’s all

  4. I’m not very good at explaining but coming from the East/Chiswick Bridge to get onto the (dreadful but at least there is one) on-pavement cycle lane going west of the road to Mortlake you either have to go on the pavement and behave as a pedestrian to get through all the light sequences – or you have to hold the lane to be in the middle lane (not the one which turns left to Mortlake to continue straight on and then be brave enough to also hold the lane from the vehicles which wish to turn left up Clifford Ave to then access the cycle path which may or may not have delivery vehicles on it. I can do it but then I am pretty fearless these days but it is total nonsense. And add to this the potential chaos when they start on the Brewery site – just mental! Also whilst they have put an excellent share use cycle path on the north side of the bridge it is impossible to get to from that junction on the cemetery side.

  5. Absolutely. It’s rubbish for EVERYONE at present:

    – takes no less than TEN (yes, 10) minutes to cross by foot (if you obey the pedestrian lights)

    – does not provide a safe cycling path between the Chiswick and Lower Richmond road cycle paths (incidentally Mortlake road and even more so Clifford avenue don’t have a proper cycle lane, with lorries often parked in the former forcing cyclist onto incoming cars and the latter is simply dangerous as it’s too narrow).

    – and finally, the Mortlake approach is a known pinch point for cars as the light phasing and filter lanes are inappropriate, and it’s going to be worse > http://richmondtransits.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/10-reasons-why-mortlake-stag-brewery.html

    But your drawing need a bit more thinking…

    Using quiet ways (Jonathan) is a good suggestion. An underpass (for cars) would also work.

    And of course, cycle lane continuity is a must.

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