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Part of the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling, the investment will benefit all road users by funding substantial improvements to streets and better facilities for pedestrians.

CTmv1_rXIAE1Aaq.jpg-largeRichmond bid for mini Holland funding several years ago but was unsuccessful.  However schemes such as the segregated cycle path that is being consulted for London Road is being covered by a smaller pot of funding that Richmond received.  Also there is talk of an upgraded A316 cycle path from mini Holland funding.  We’ll keep you posted.

Kingston our neighbour was awarded 30 million pounds for its mini holland scheme.  It has since been branded ‘Go Development’ details are here.  Some quite impressive schemes I think you will agree.   We need to help our friends in Kingston ensure that it is executed well so we’ll keep you posted here of consultations or progress.  A successful mini holland will help us all when we visit Kingston and will also demonstrate to Richmond how cycling can be a great transport choice when the infrastructure is right.

First task is to take the Wheatfield Way Survey and ask for cycle tracks that are separate from motor traffic.

Kingston station plaza proposals mini-Holland.JPG-pwrt3


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Ride for Everybody – Feeder Ride to London Freecycle

Saturday 29th July.



Enjoy a day in Central London free of motor vehicles.

We meet on Richmond Little Green 10.00 and head off via Putney Riverside, Wandsworth Park and Battersea Gardens and then up through Belgravia to join the Freecycle where Central London roads are traffic free. Leave London for the ride home at 15.00.

Details of Freecycle and enrolment here. Enrolling lets us know how many people to expect and gives you a number to download pictures of your family cycling round London.

Our routes in and out.

If you are a more experienced cyclist and would  consider helping to keep people on track please enrol as a marshal here .

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