Richmond Entries for Cycling Facility of the Month ?

A nice clear logo to show where cyclists should ride

(Staines Rd Twickenham)

Textured paving and sign clearly show the end of shared use of footway. Just turn right to move to carriageway — over the fence !

(Sixth Cross Rd Twickenham.)

Fortunately there’s a convenient warning painted on the ground in case you don’t see the car before you hit it head on!

(Church Road, Richmond)

It is because of poorly implemented facilities like these (which are dangerous, both to cyclists and pedestrians) that we continue to plead with Richmond council to be consulted on future projects, but sadly they refuse to do so. At the end of the day, poor facilities are just a waste of the council tax that we all pay.

There are a lot more amusing examples on this website – Cycle Facility of the Month. It is a real shame, because with some attention to best practice, there is no reason why we couldn’t have facilities a much higher standard in the borough. Here are some examples of better quality cycle infrastructure (taken from so some are better than others).