Maintenance Workshop – Twickenham – 25 June 2014

The Long Room, All Hallows Church, Erncroft Road, Twickenham, TW1 1EW (off the A316/Whitton Rd)

19:00 – 21:00

Our Twickenham workshop is just a few minutes from Twickenham town centre, convenient for the A316 cycle lane, and is run in conjunction with The Turning Hub.

Bring your bike, use the tools and learn basic (or more complicated) bike maintenance. Tea (and if you’re lucky biscuits) on ready supply! We’ll have bike stands available and you can tune your bike up yourself, or to get some help from our qualified mechanic.

Some small parts available for sale (cables, brake blocks), bring your own parts if you want to fit them.
Please come along if you have some mechanical aptitude and would like to help others learn.

The Long Room at All Hallows Church can be accessed via Erncroft Way or via a side gate to the right of the church on the A316. It has ‘Peaches Nursery’ on the door.

Location Map

Email if you have any questions.