Things that make Richmond such a great place to be, like rivers and green spaces, also create big challenges for the transport network.

Look at the railway, Chertsey Road and South Circular squeezed into space between Richmond Park and the Thames through East Sheen or the road between Richmond and Kingston winding through Petersham.

Geography contributes to congested roads and cyclists riding them for convenience and directness share space with lots of other traffic.  But this is not the only challenge.

Because many transport links run across the Borough going up and down it isn’t easy either.  Ride Vine Road in Barnes, on National Cycle Network 4, to know how long it can take to cross not one, but two, railway lines.  Richmond Cycling Campaign and the Cycling Liaison Group recognise the problem of “severance” which is why we support Manor Road Bridge.  At the same time we want to make sure this doesn’t add to the existing problem of carrying bikes over bridges.  That’s why we’re pleased to see wheeling channels installed at Barnes Bridge.

We hope there are more to come and Network Rail will incorporate them in the Manor Road build.

E-mail with your most inconvenient crossing, up, over or under.