Cycling Budget 2010-11

Ahead of the January meeting of the Cycling Liaison Group [CLG] we asked for an updated Draft Cycling Capital Budget 2010-2011 to include money spent.  Compared to the version circulated in November two things stand out: 

1. Number of schemes significantly underspent by December 

[1, 2, 4, 6,12 and 13. NB: two scheme 9s appear in error]  

2. Changes to budget allocation [9, 10, 11 and 19

In relation to 1. we were told not to worry, it’s normal to programme spend in the last quarter.  However, anxiety remains with less than half spent, £42,700 of £100,000 allocated to Corridors and Neighbourhoods, and much of that for works to be done at: 

Church Grove Hampton Wick, South Worple Way Mortlake and Woodlands Road Barnes [1] Rossyln Road Richmond [4]and Richmond Town Centre with related signage [6 and 7

The schemes for secure cycle parking at stations [1 and 12] have a combined allocation of £90,000 but only £11,100, 12%, had been spent. 

Anxiety is compounded by changes to allocation.   Cycling on Greenways  now has £60,000 instead of £115,000 with Beverley Brook [9] and Mortlake Green [9 note error] abandoned with £55,000 returned to TfL.  Apparently strict conditions attached to their funding meant the money couldn’t be used for anything else. However, the money from the Petersham Meadows Greenway Dry Route has been reallocated to a new scheme added to the list Riverside Drive [19] With £90,000 this increases the Smarter Travel money from £157,500 to £247,500.  Not only was this news to us but confirmed the need to: 

1. Agree a list of priorities with LBRuT with an agreed order of work for the next 12, 24 and 36 months; 

2. Ensure there is always a Plan B, especially for schemes like Beverley Brook where the absence of consent from others was fatal. 

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