Roadworks and Secure Parking

A couple of relevant items in the recent round-up of things Council.

Prioritisation of Highway Works

To quote, “The main purpose of this report is to:-

  • describe proposed new arrangements for the policy approach  to how pavement and roadway works are prioritised and programmed;
  • describe the decisions to be made on the major pavement and roadway programmes for 2011/12.”

Interesting for cyclists using the Borough’s road network, although the words “cycle” and “cyclist” don’t appear in the report and “cycling” only once in the context of “health and well-being”.

Neither do the words appear in a recent newspaper article about Sixth Cross Road Odd, as the slip road Councillor Head talks about is a signed cycle route.  Disappointing, as the draft LIP2 and Cycling Strategy says:

“the road network generally should be regarded as a facility for cyclists as much as for vehicular traffic. It is recognised that cyclists can and will use the highway network for their highly individual trips and to link with the promoted cycle network.” [para 1.11 p16]

“It is acknowledged that cycling specific budgets are unlikely to deliver the step changes in the number of cycling trips that the Borough wishes to achieve. The potential lies in maximising the benefits for cyclists, and vulnerable road users generally, from all traffic management schemes including highway maintenance.” [My italics: para 10.2 p44]

Note the emphasis in the Sixth Cross article and the Prioritisation report is:

“Physical junction improvements…that are designed to increase capacity and thus reduce congestion” [para 3.3 p3]

RCC believes the Council should be actively encouraging other means of transport and cannot engineer a way out of the problem of congestion.  RCC believes LIP2 will not encourage significant numbers out of the car and onto the bike [see RCC LIP2 Response]

Secure Cycle Parking

This is the decision to build a secure shelter at Mortlake station rather than Teddington.  I don’t remember this being mentioned at the Cycling Liaison Group the following day but the notes of the meeting may prove me wrong.  More about this meeting to follow.