RCC Newsletter – 31 July 2013

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This newsletter covers both July and August so we can have a month off crafting a newsletter and enjoy cycling in the good weather instead!


So summer arrived and went again, but we had a lovely few weeks of long days cycling in the sun. This month it’s a double newsletter covering July and August and we’ve made it a bumper consultation edition to capture all those issues that will impact your cycle across the borough (and beyond). It’s your chance to make your voice heard. There’s also news of this Saturday’s Feeder ride to London Freecycle – we hope to see many of you there to join in the fun.

A raft of consultations affecting cycling both directly and indirectly across the borough. Please, please, we really need everyone who reads this newsletter to take 2 minutes to reply to these consultations. Every response counts as you can see further down on the responses to recent consultations.

First up is Twickenham town centre, and if you only do one campaigny thing for cycling this year, then take 1 minute to fill in the simple tick box online consultation. Proposals include a 20mph zone in Twickenham town centre and opening up Holly Road as a cycling contraflow to avoid the busy and dangerous London Road/King Street intersection. Both are big steps forward and need as much support as possible to demonstrate the support for improvements for cycling and for wider demand for 20mph zones across the borough. They’re not the full picture (see below for our update on the Twickenham town centre) but a big positive response sends a strong message and is needed to counter certain people set against cycling who are out to scupper anything that benefits cycling.
Deadline Monday 12 August 5pmhttp://is.gd/cbqczP

Redevelopment work is planned at Twickenham Studios and a consultation has been raised on parking provision. An opportunity to raise concerns about lack of cycle parking provision?
Deadline 30 Augusthttp://is.gd/FwnmKG

Next is a survey about living and working in Richmond Borough. An opportunity to highlight what’s important to you, perhaps how you’d like cycle and pedestrian provision improved to make Richmond an even nicer place to live and work? Sadly not, the questions are extremely limited, but have a look for yourself – http://is.gd/AZNYCp

Getting into the technical nitty gritty, if planning is your thing, a consultation is out on the Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), linked in with the Community Infrastructure Levy. All quite heavy but in many Local Authorities, these are used to deliver cycle infrastructure or cycle parking (for example in Cambridge – http://is.gd/8Z1HUk). There’s more oversight here on the current arrangements (http://is.gd/ZwnW4Y) and the consultation runs to 19 Augusthttp://is.gd/qCeqMv and http://is.gd/gp2pms
If nothing else, email Ldfconsultation@richmond.gov.uk saying you’d like them to include cycle infrastructure as part of the SPD

Finally, what consultation would be complete without a Mad Hatter’s Chair and Table. An Enchanted Garden is planned for York House Gardens (for those council officers to escape to to dream up more dreadful cycle infrastructure?) and it’s a good opportunity to highlight cycle parking provision at parks – we’ve many mums and dads who contact us highlighting they’d love to cycle with their kids to the park, but there’s no where to lock up their bike – Tick box online consultation, deadline 2 Augusthttp://is.gd/4IuShd

As ever, you can look up consultations on the council’s page (http://is.gd/JnijLg) and do let us know if you spot one you feel strongly about so we don’t miss it.

No consultations that we’re aware of from TfL at the moment. You can look for consultations on their page – http://is.gd/B52rsy

Outside of the borough, we were alerted of an important consultation in Walton on Thames, where substandard shared pavement cycle paths are being proposed. It’s vital to object to these to send a message to Surrey County Council that such poor provision is unacceptable. An overview of the plans – http://is.gd/RM7qra
Deadline 19 August – Fill in the quick tick box consultation online – http://is.gd/z03QzW

Consultation Outcomes
It is normally difficult to find out about the outcome of the consultations from LBRUT we highlight to you all each month. TfL, however, are extremely efficient in providing clear reports after each consultation.

First up, some good news on the TfL consultation from last month’s newsletter to remove part of the off road cycle lane on the A316 Lower Richmond Road to give more space for U-turning vehicles, We strongly objected to the proposals (http://is.gd/HLde7X) and the good news is that TfL listened and have decided not to remove the cycle lane. 38 people responded to the consultation and an overwhelming 76% rejected the proposals. The report from TfL is worth a read – http://is.gd/OetyLr (PDF)

Next TfL consultation was to close off the Cole Park Road rat run onto the A316, mentioned in our May newsletter – http://is.gd/KYzDHX. Again, it was great to see overwhelming support for the closure of this road which cuts across the A316 cycle lane, with over 69% in support. The report is worth reading, if only to read the comment from the Alliance of British Motorists – http://is.gd/WsWt9e (PDF)

LBRUT are less open about the outcome of their consultations, of those that we’ve highlighted recently:
Whitton Town Centre (from November 2012 http://is.gd/soGQkI) Outcome – too hard to do anything for cycling and pinch points protect cyclists! – http://is.gd/2YTPjc
Richmond/Sheen Upper Richmond Road West (from December 2012 http://is.gd/7jP9vB) – Outcome – pass, no idea, no info available
Railshead Road, Isleworth – (from our February newsletter – http://is.gd/hnIhZL) Outcome – uh, do nothing – http://is.gd/4WVou6

So, lots of fine words, little action, but every response gets counted so we really appreciate the time everyone gives to responding to these consultations.

Twickenham Town Centre
As well as the consultation above affecting Twickenham town centre, the detail of what environment for cycling through Twickenham town centre still hangs in the balance, despite now nearly two years of campaigning. While previous meetings promised much, the recent detailed drawings show cycle lanes that share the width of the nearside motor lane and disappear when the going gets tough. We’ve asked repeatedly for more detail on what is happening but we continue to be ignored – http://is.gd/BkYKMS

You only have to look at the abuse of the London Road cycle lanes (https://vine.co/v/b32wbYMl1X1 and https://vine.co/v/b32JZur9d93) to see better design is needed to protect those cycling through Twickenham. This map of road incidents show just how important safe road design for Twickenham is – http://is.gd/L8BkkJ

You can raise your concerns with the usual suspects (and of course cc us in at campaign@richmondlcc.co.uk)
– Principal Transport Planner Ben Fryer – ben.fryer@richmond.gov.uk
– Councillor Katharine Harborne – Cllr.KHarborne@richmond.gov.uk (Council Cycling Champion)
– Councillor Chris Harrison – Cllr.CHarrison@richmond.gov.uk (Chair of the Transportation Committee Councillor)
– List of Ward Councillors and their contact details – http://is.gd/QFOttI

LBRUT Mini Holland Bid
One of the reasons we believe that the council is ignoring our concerns on Twickenham is that they’re using their recent Mini Holland bid to show they’re doing something for cycling in the borough. Sadly, the two are unconnected – the Twickenham town centre changes are upon us and will happen this year and next, the Mini Holland funding, even if LBRUT were to win, won’t happen for a number of years. Read our detailed break down of the plans and what they really mean for cycling in the borough – http://is.gd/3fqXc3

You can also look at the bids (PDFs) by Hounslow (http://is.gd/fqtDMF) and Kingston (http://is.gd/j7fbKW)

20mph Limits
Interest is growing amongst local non cycling groups on how to push for Richmond to introduce 20mph limits in residential streets and in our town centres. There was a big turn out at the talk given in Richmond by the London co-ordinator of the national 20s Plenty Group (http://is.gd/Ag5akA) at the end of June. Borough after borough in London is rolling out 20mph zones, whereas Richmond continues to make it extremely difficult to do requiring street by street referendums where someone not voting is counted as a no vote. Contact us via campaign@richmondlcc.co.uk if you’re interested in getting involved.

Our new online campaigning tool Cyclescape continues to build up a picture of the challenges and opportunities for improving cycling across the borough. Get involved and help us record the good, the bad and the downright ugly issues you encounter while cycling. Find out more on how to join in – http://is.gd/H2Ko84

Some examples of issues that are being discussed this month:
Roundabout by Radnor Gardens – http://is.gd/8xCa2I
Access to Thames path from Twickenham Bridge – http://is.gd/8EQgIj
A316 cycle lane priority – http://is.gd/O0xrdb

Station Cycle Parking
Thank you to all our volunteers who’ve been busy auditing cycle parking at each of our borough’s 14 railway stations. We’re waiting for the last few surveys to come back in, but it’s striking to see how much demand has increased in the three years since our last review – http://is.gd/5d0kFY

Cycling Liaison Group Meeting
There was a big turn out at the council’s CLG meeting on 11 July, with many coming for the first time. As ever there was plenty of rhetoric, promises and fine ideas but little actual action. Read our overview of the meeting – http://is.gd/9uOGke

Get Britain Cycling Parliamentary Debate
Following on from the Get Britain Cycling report (http://is.gd/SojI3P) and the petition to implement its findings, a debate will now take place on Monday 2 September in the main chamber of the House of Commons – http://is.gd/Tsphfd

Two important ways to get involved:

First email your MP asking them to attend and so that they can see just how important an issue this is locally – http://is.gd/N4WqLx

Second, join us at the ‘Space for Cycling’ protest ride being organised by London Cycling Campaign on the evening of 2 September – http://is.gd/yymWVH. We’ll be organising a ride from the borough to meet the main group in central London – watch our website for more details closer to the time and contact us on rides@richmondlcc.co.uk if you’d like to join us. This past month, LCC have organised two protest rides in central London after two tragic cycling fatalities and many local cyclists joined in with the several thousand at both events.

Monthly Meeting
Our monthly get togethers continue at the Old Ship pub in Richmond with the next two meetings on 12 August and 9 September. More details – http://is.gd/eahg52

Ride London FreeCycle Feeder Ride
It’s back after a year off and it’s got yet another new name. On Saturday 3 August we’ll be leading a feeder ride into central London to join the fun (and of course, we won’t leave you stranded, we’ll be leading a ride back!) Bring the family and your friends, previously we’ve had over a hundred cyclists of all ages turn up! If you’re an experienced cyclist and you’d like to get involved, we’re looking for as many as possible to help our official marshals heard the group into London – email us at rides@richmondlcc.co.uk if you can help.

We leave Richmond Green at 9.30am and return from Buckingham Palace at 3.30pm. More details online – http://is.gd/XVoC2O

New Cycle Club
If the Tour de France has inspired you to get out the lycra and do some laps of Richmond Park, the recently formed Chevaliers Cycling Club might just be the ticket – http://is.gd/sURwma

And Finally…
Whether you’re an experienced cyclists or a novice, you’ll find much to agree with this list

Thanks for reading and keep cycling. Feel free to pass this email on to anyone who may benefit and don’t hesitate to get in touch through info@richmondlcc.co.uk to help make the borough a nicer and safer place to live and cycle. You can see our list of cycling events in the borough on our online calendar: http://www.richmondlcc.co.uk/category/events and if you’ve missed any of our newsletters, they are all online – http://www.richmondlcc.co.uk/category/newsletters

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