Roehampton Lane is going to change a bit, but only to fit more cars on.

TfL is worried about congestion along Roehampton Lane, so to fix this they’re proposing to pack more cars into the same space. It seems unlikely that congestion is going to be fixed by simply adding lanes – indeed evidence from the 1950s tells us that adding road space will end up with adding congestion, rather than easing it.

roehampton lane

Look like there might eb some space for cycling here?

Yet Roehampton Lane feeds down to a very unpleasant junction for cycling, and nothing in the proposed plans says “We’d like to make it a more obvious choice to cycle this way, rather than drive”. This road serves a number of educational institutions to which the most obvious option should be to get there by foot or bike, yet nothing will change to support that.

We’d like to see this opportunity being taken to begin the installation of proper cycling all the way along Roehampton Lane, to support people cycling to and from Richmond Park, to support getting to Roehampton University and Queen Mary’s Hospital along here, to support shopping and leisure trips to Roehampton High Street, and to make getting to these places by bike an attractive and practical option.

We’re preparing a response at the moment – if you’ve got any comments, please leave them here, or contact us at or check the original consultations documents here.

3 thoughts on “Roehampton Lane is going to change a bit, but only to fit more cars on.

  1. Just to say I fully support your campaign for this. I’ve often done work at QMH and its a v busy area but with some good cycle infrastructure I know many people would choose to cycle here. That would then ease the congestion. Also there would be a positive economic boost for roehampton shops – people on bikes shop locally. Also reduction in costs due to fewer accidents – I bet the R Lane/ south circ junction is a problem spot.

  2. The new plans produce so much wasted space in the centre of the road with the new hatchings and islands, but of course they do not provide any space to add cycle lanes (ideally protected). Because it is obviously much more important to allow people in cars to turn right into cul-de-sacs (and not risk impeding the flow of other motor vehicles) than it is to allow residents, workers and students to feel able to cycle safely in the vicinity.

    And although there will be some parking spaces removed, TfL don’t feel confident enough to take all of them out. If they were serious about getting things moving, they’d turn the whole area into a no-parking red-route. But then the motorists would moan.

    I wouldn’t cycle along Roehampton Lane as it stands or in its new guise unless on my road bike and fully lycra’d up (to keep up with the speeding traffic). So much for the cycling revolution and encouraging people on bicycles in ordinary clothes.

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