More parking, please!

The council is soliciting ideas for more cycle parking, so we and our members are happy to oblige – though when you see pictures like this, it’s not hard to see where might be good locations!

This one is in central Richmond, just outside Whole Foods, and a number of member have complained of it being constantly full. But to add to this, members have suggested:

  • Homebase on Manor Road
  • Pretty much anywhere in Kew village
  • By the shops on Friars Stile Road
  • High Park Road Kew
  • Medical centre in Richmond
  • Richmond Green
  • Richmond Station
  • Kew Station – both sides
  • Mortlake Station
  • Kew Gardens – Victoria Gate and Elizabeth Gate

4 thoughts on “More parking, please!

  1. More cycle parking needed outside TESCO, Richmond. And there is none near the entrance to Sainsbury, Manor Rd.

  2. More cycle racks outside Twickenham Job Centre/Post Office needed..Only two there and I can never lock up whilst going to the Post office.
    Also when I first moved here 30 years ago, Holly Road was two way for cars from Copthall Gardens. If we could have a cycle way from that end it would stop the frustration of getting stuck by buses outside M&S in Heath Road.

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