Good Practice and Bad

crane park 001The Cyclists Please Dismount signs that have just appeared are, at least, polite but the London Cycling Design Guide frowns on Cyclists Dismount signs.

In this location it isn’t even desirable behaviour –  a cyclist walking with a bike would fully block the route for some time. A sensible cyclist would ride up to the turn, stop ,wait for any walkers under the bridge, and when clear ride through quickly. There is already a pedestrian priority sign but maybe “Cyclists stop and look out for walkers” would be more explicit.

A pity that unimaginative planers see “Cyclists Dismount” as the solution to all problems – strange that you never see “Drivers push your vehicles”.

On the Good side Hounslow have finally joined the Heath Path to the Hanworth Road

2015-07-16 13.11.00The use of bollards to mark the dropped kerb and keep it free from parking is something that Richmond could adapt in Ranelagh  Rd where the access to Isleworth Prom is usually parked over.

One thought on “Good Practice and Bad

  1. Re ‘Cyclists Dismount’ signs, I think the problem is that the engineers prefer to use standard and readily available signs, so, as in this case, they get to be used even where they don’t really suit the circumstances. It’s the lazy way out. If we can make waves over these incidents, it may cease to be the easiest option, hopefully resulting in more appropriate signing.

    A special sign also requires more effort. e.g. is it legal? Who will design and produce it. It will probably involve additional costs. It needs external pressure i.e. from ourselves and councillors improve this situation.

    This should be raised at the CLG.

    John Head

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