Cycle parking should be standard!

We think any new building needs to have secure, sheltered cycle parking as standard. And providing parking for cycling should be a key element of sustainable design.


It should be more like this!

But sadly the new proposed ‘sustainable construction checklist‘ mentions cycling in only the vaguest terms.

We’ll be checking the proposed new ‘London Cycle Design Standards’ (see here and this pdf) and asking the council what they’re going to put in … The London Plan includes specific standards for cycle parking (see this article) and we’d like to see these included in our standards.

Please get in touch with us or your councillors if you want any new build in the borough to have proper parking!

2 thoughts on “Cycle parking should be standard!

  1. The consultation refers to the council’s parking standards apparently requiring a level of cycle storage – but looking for “parking standards” on the council website gets nowhere ?

  2. I think any new building should have decent levels of decent bike parking (and not just two sheffield stands round the back by the bins and the door into the boiler room, or the equivalent). I appreciate that some older office buildings might find it harder to retrofit decent parking, but there’s no excuse for someone building an office from scratch.

    (And whilst they’re at it, they could make sure that office buildings have shower rooms or something).

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