Bike Shops Open during Covid.


This is a map (thanks Patrick) of the Bike Shops locally that we believe to be open. clearly things can change so all corrections please to:

Shops that are open (often with restrictions) are shown by Green Bicycles, Ones closed are red. Crown Cycles and BIcycle (orange) will see customers by phone appointment.

Moores Cycles will deliver orders on their website.

All details on this link :



Cycle Hub at Teddington Station

cyclehub….was opened by the Deputy Mayor who arrived by bike (although it later transpired that it had been borrowed from her son. )  She talked about encouraging commuters to leave their cars at home ..but the remark about this leaving space for parents returning from driving their children to school suggests that the message has not fully got through. The Network Rail person’s emphasis on planning for future increase in demand was more welcome.

We get : lots of decent cycle parking – and there is space between the double decker racks to pull down the upper and load your bike from the end-  , a pump which doubles as a maintenance stand and a chained set of tools all overlooked by a security camera with info on trains and weather on a monitor.

Now all we need is good routes to cycle to the station !

‘Bespoke Be Heard’ Cycle Scheme

Clarendon school has been running a bicycle maintenance scheme since September 2010, teaching young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN), to refurbish second hand bikes. One hundred percent of profits from the resale of these bikes are reinvested into providing additional opportunities for young people with SEN. Students gain an AQA Unit Award in Cycle Mechanics as part of their experience.

Earlier this year they beat 58 applicants to win the borough’s ‘Richmond’s Den’ competition for social enterprises. Now they have been nominated for The Richmond Business Awards and we’re encouraging everyone to take 2 minutes to show their support to this very worthy enterprise.

Here’s how you can register your support for ‘Bespoke Be Heard’, but be quick, the deadline is Friday 20 September:

  • Go to
  • Look for the ‘The People’s Choice’ Box (in red on the left side of the page) and fill in:
    • Company Name: ‘Bespoke Be Heard’
    • Enter your email address (just to stop multiple entries!)
    • Category: ‘Best Charity or Social Enterprise’
    • Click on ‘Vote’

Better by Bike – Hiring a Bicycle

If you are visiting the borough as a tourist, or if you have friends come to stay, what better way to see the borough than by bicycle. As part of our Better by Bike series we’ve collated a list of places where you can hire a bicycle in the borough. Get in touch via our Contact Form if you know of somewhere that we’ve missed.

Action Bikes, Sheen and Whitton
Two stores in the borough, East Sheen (Map Link) and Whitton (Map Link)
Website –

They have hybrids and Bromptons for hire. They also have road bikes, useful if you want to do some laps of Richmond Park or further afield. The hire bikes are kept at Victoria, but with prior notice they can get them to their Sheen or Whitton shops.

Blazing Saddles, Richmond
Next to Richmond Bridge – (Map Link)
Website –

They have front suspension mountain bikes in a range of sizes

Park Cycle, Richmond Park

Located at the Roehampton Gate car park (Map Link)
Website –

As well as adult trail bikes they also have children’s bikes, children’s trailers and tag-alongs for very small children and baby seats (which attach to the adult bikes). They even have tandems for hire if you fancy a try. If you fancy emulating Bradley Wiggins, they have road bikes as well.

Richmond Cycles, East Twickenham
Next to Richmond Bridge – (Map Link)
Website –

They have mountain bikes (29ers, so an opportunity to try the different wheel size) and hybrid bikes for hire.

Richmond Station Cycle Hire
Located within Richmond railway station, on the lower (platform) level – (Map Link)
Website –

They have a selection of hybrids as well as Bromptons available to hire, useful if you want to try one before you buy.

For some inspiration on routes to try beyond the well ridden trails of Richmond Park and along the Thames, have a look at our list of over 90 routes to try out.

There is also information available on the council’s tourism site.

Better by Bike – Cycling on Film

Our ‘Better by Bike’ series, allows us to share stories of local residents and their experiences on their bikes. This week, Teddington resident Mathieu shares his personal experiences of cycling with a helmet camera along with a selection of his videos. Mathieu’s experiences on film have been used to good effect to capture the current problems with Hammersmith Bridge. You can check out his blog here.

If you’d like the opportunity of a guest spot on our website to write about anything local and cycling related, do get in touch.

Why do I ride with a helmet cam? I’ve been asked this question a few times, and yet I never give the same answer. So allow me to explain it fully. I didn’t buy my camera with the initial intention of filming my commutes, but more to film rides in the mountains with my club.

It however became apparent that I could put that little camera to other uses.

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Better by Bike – Cycling while pregnant

We’re always keen to promote cycling as means to make our borough a nicer place, by reducing congestion and pollution and making us all that little bit healthier. To help do this, as part of our ‘Better by Bike’ series, we’re sharing stories of local residents and their experiences.

This week, Mortlake resident Sarah Blackburn shares her personal experiences of cycling while pregnant, in an article she originally produced for our friends at Richmond NCT, the Richmond branch of the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) which covers Richmond, Barnes, Kew, East Sheen, Mortlake and Ham. As well as organising antenatal classes, they also provide post natal support to new mums and dads – check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

If you’d like the opportunity of a guest spot on our website to write about anything local and cycling related, do get in touch.

The 'Mummy' Bike

I’m a keen cyclist, although having cycled and mountain biked as a teenager growing up in Yorkshire, at first I thought those who cycled in London a bit mad. But after living here for a couple of years, I gradually progressed from cycling short distances near home and my longer commute on light summer evenings to a stage where I would cycle daily the 8 miles each way to and from central London on busy roads without being phased or feeling unsafe: I knew how to spot traffic and how to make myself visible (bright clothes, good lights, position on the road).

So when I became pregnant I didn’t feel like I should give up cycling. Continue reading

Better by Bike – Cycling with Young Children

Here in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames, there’s great potential to make more journeys by bike or on foot, reducing congestion, making us all that bit healthier and generally making the borough an even nicer place to live in.

This week Richmond resident Tim Lennon shares his personal experiences of cycling with his young family around the borough as part of our Better by Bike series.

If you’d like a guest spot on our website to write about anything local and cycling related, do get in touch.

Doing the school run in style

If I want my eldest daughter to do something with me, the surest way to make sure she says ‘yes’ is to ask: “Do you want to go to [wherever] with Daddy, on the bike?” With her sitting behind me we can have a conversation, point things out, stop when we want to, and enjoy the scenery – and the journey – together. (“Daddy, the fire engine’s there! Let’s watch!”) She’s even happy to sit at the barber’s while I get my hair cut if we go there on the bike.

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No Wheels Bad

Sadly here in the Borough of Richmond, cycle theft is a continuous threat and we’ve previously reported on the growing number of stolen bikes. While the police continue to offer valuable bike marking schemes and theft advice, here at RCC we’d like to see a more proactive approach targeting the thieves themselves.

This week Richmond resident Colin Lusk shares his personal experiences of theft in the borough. Don’t forget to check out our advice on how to reduce the chances of having your bicycle stolen.

If you’d like the opportunity of a guest spot on our website to write about anything local and cycling related, get in touch.


Colin and daughter in happier times

Life sometimes feel like a long series of goodbyes. In my early teens, someone stole my manky old three-speed, leaving me only the remains of the lock to remember it by. The bike was blue and gold, the lock silver and white. Thirty years on, I can still tell you the combination. In my student days, I had a racer, held together by rust, insulating tape and willpower. One day, I thought it would be safe to leave it outside a shop for just a minute. It wasn’t. Then came a series of slightly pricier bikes, stolen in any number of ways, from brute force to low cunning: A lock cut through with heavy-duty tools outside Hounslow East station while I was working nights, and a white hybrid chained to a signpost in Preston and taken by unscrewing the sign from the top and lifting it over. I could go on.

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