Come for a ride, Mr. Wells

Hello Jason,

We’d like to invite you to come out on a ride with Richmond Cycling. A few years ago, local paper the Richmond Magazine had a very unfortunate editorial. We invited the editor to come for a ride with us to understand cycling in the borough a bit better, and now we’d like to extend the same offer to you.

(Courtesy GB Cycling Embassy

How we’d like cycling to be (Courtesy GB Cycling Embassy

The cycle lane along Priory Lane is a terrible facility, but we understand why many people wouldn’t see that, so we’d welcome the opportunity to show you why we campaign so hard for proper facilities for cycling in the borough.


Richmond Cycling Campaign


2 thoughts on “Come for a ride, Mr. Wells

  1. Its not Mr Wells who should be invited for a ride, its the members of the council. I expect we could all suggest a short trip between 3 – 5 miles that would demonstrate the disjointed, confusing & frankly scary ‘cycle provision’ that LBRUT represents. As a starter, I suggest the journey between my front door & my Doctor’s surgery: two miles which affords me the opportunity to be left hooked a few times, travel in a door zone, hoick the bike across a pedestrian bridge or wait with impatient drivers at a level crossing & then ‘take the lane’ once the barriers are up, dismount at junctions and walk across several roads.

    Next: A trip through Twickenham. I bet they have all driven through the town. I wonder how many of them cycle through it.

    Finally: my journey to & from work. A 5 mile trip. This would be best in the winter when it is dark and possibly even wet, the route is unlit & there is a chance of a surprise skid as the mud, puddles or unswept leaves contribute to the experience. If they prefer the better lit route, then obviously there is no mud. They’d get to see the puddles, fast traffic, narrow roads with cars parked on them, buses, bus stops, lorries & vans and general disregard of the speed limits. They’d also get a better appreciation of the amount of space a person on a bike needs in order not to be affected by the turbulence generated by vehicles.

  2. I cycle everyday on Priory lane as I commute from Kingston to Victoria. The cycle lane is perfectly fine and these aggressive lycra wearing cyclists that think are on tour de France are also a danger to other cyclists. Yes the driver is aggressive and this is road rage but the cyclist should be in the cycle lane.

    I hope the government could enforce a cycling licence that people could lose just like a car driving licence. This is unfortunate but the lycra brigade will force it to happen. If you go to other cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm very few cyclists are riding aggressively….this is a UK problem :-(

    By the way I average 45 to 50 minutes for my 12 miles commute while respecting traffic lights and using cycle lanes. Off course I encounter many dangerous drivers everyday but being careful I limit the risks to myself. I also have near crashes with stupid fixed gear lycra cyclists overtaking me badly. I reckon I wouldn’t save more than 5 minutes cycling like these idiots….

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